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Airbus Helicopter VSR700 Drone Demonstrates Unmanned Flight

The Airbus Helicopters VSR700 drone demonstrator has demonstrated its first unmanned autonomous flight on board on a Cabri G2 helicopter, at a military airbase in the south of France, according to an Airbus press release.

The VSR700 drone demonstrator had been flying since May 2017 but with a pilot. The Airbus Helicopters VSR700 flew a 30-minute flight, executing different flight paths before landing in autonomous mode, according to Airbus Helicopters. This first autonomous flight was intended to demonstrate the compliance of the aircraft with the high demands of the regulatory and safety systems, which are essential for the future integration of UAVs into French airspace.

The VSR700 is a light military tactical drone with an endurance of around 8 hours at 100 NM.