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Swiss Air to start offering cheese fondue on board

SWISS (Swiss International Air Lines) is soon  going to offer its passengers the opportunity to order the flagship of Swiss cuisine: the traditional cheese fondue. The news was announced by the company on Wednesday 28th 2018.

For all foodies out there, this fondue, available on board from December 1st onwards, will be produced “according to the traditional recipe, which say 50% vacherin Friborg and 50% Gruyère cheese”according to the company.

Swiss Air Fondue

The fondue will be on the menu for flights from Geneva to 9 cities: Malaga, Athens, Stockholm, Moscow, Gothenburg, Hurghada, Lisbon, St. Petersburg and Marrakech.

Renewed for the winter season, the new menu showcases other typical Swiss products such as hot chocolate made with real Swiss chocolate, and freshly baked pain au lait served with a Cailler chocolate bar.