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Airbus has sold more than 500 aircraft in 2018 but doubts over target cause shares to fall

With the recent announcement of the purchase of 120 Airbus A220s by JetBlue Airways and Moxy (a start-up backed by JetBlue) in December 2018, Airbus has officially sold more than 500 aircraft in 2018. However, on January 3rd 2018, shares of Airbus were losing 2.96EUR (-3.52%) at 81.21EUR (-3.52%) as doubts surfaced over achieving 2018 deliveries target.

Insiders claimed that Airbus is likely to miss the 2018 target of 800 deliveries, which would be a first since the company was reshaped through mergers in 2000.

Airbus is expected to provide full-year figures on Jan. 11.