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Airlines with the youngest fleet: Russian and Asian airlines lead the way

How old is the plane you’re flying in? You may be interested to know that on average, if you’re flying in an aircraft owned by an American airline, your plane could be more than twice as old as those flown by the major Asian airlines. Here is the full ranking, according to data compiled by Airfleets.net.

Top 5 airlines with the youngest fleet

1. Aeroflot Airline – average aircraft age – 4.3 years

Aeroflot airline may have the youngest fleet of all with an average age of just 4.3 years, but it is certainly no newcomer to the aviation industry. Aeroflot Group, the parent company, was established back in 1923. It currently serves 146 destinations across 52 countries, with many codeshare agreements in place. Aeroflot originally flew mainly Soviet built planes, but in more recent years it has replaced many of its aircraft with Western planes. The majority of its planes are now Airbus A320-200s.

2. China Eastern Airlines average aircraft age – 5.9 years

In second place is China Eastern Airlines with an average age of 5.9 years. This airline flies Boeings and Airbuses and it has placed orders for more new aircraft to be delivered over the next few years, so China Eastern Airlines may just make it to the top of the list in a few years time. The airline was the first in China in place an order with Airbus.

3. Qatar Airways average aircraft age – 6 years

Just slightly behind China Eastern Airlines with an average fleet age of 6 years is Qatar Airways. A relative newcomer to the industry, compared with the previous airlines, Qatar Airways was established in 1993 and in that short time has made a big impact on the aviation industry. It too operates Airbuses and Boeings.

4. Emirates – average aircraft age – 6.2 years

The next youngest fleet is that of Emirates. The Dubai-based airline operates more than 3,000 flights each week to more than 140 destinations in 70 countries. With its sponsorship of events and structures the name Emirates has become very well known. It operates more Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s than any other airline.

5 – China Southern Airlines and Turkish Airlines – 6.9 years

In joint fifth place we have China Southern Airlines and Turkish Airlines. China Southern Airlines, the second Chinese airline on our list, has a fleet consisting of Airbuses, Boeings and 20 Embraer 190s leased from CLC.  China’s largest airline, China Southern Airlines recently received an investment from Qatar Airways. By number of passenger destinations, Turkish Airlines is the biggest carrier in the world, flying to 122 countries. It recently added two new destinations to Latin America. Istanbul’s new airport will be able to handle 200 passengers per year.

Ranking the airlines with the youngest fleet: the full ranking

  1. Aeroflot airline – average aircraft age – 4.3 years
  2. China Eastern Airlines – average aircraft age – 5.9 years
  3. Qatar Airways – average aircraft age – 6 years
  4. Emirates – average aircraft age – 6.2 years
  5. Air China – average aircraft age – 7 years
  6. Ryanair – average aircraft age – 7.4 years
  7. Alaska Airlines – average aircraft age – 8.3 years
  8. JetBlue Airways – average aircraft age – 10.1 years
  9. American Airlines – average aircraft age – 10.7 years
  10. Southwest Airlines – average aircraft age – 11 years
  11. SkyWest Airlines – average aircraft age – 11.2 years
  12. Lufthansa – average aircraft age – 12.2 years
  13. British Airways – average aircraft age – 13.5 years
  14. United Airlines – average aircraft age – 15 years
  15. Delta Air Lines – average aircraft age – 15.9 years