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Delta launches new aicraft: what to expect from the A220

The A220 is now in service in North America. Delta made its first commercial flight with the new Airbus on Feb. 7, connecting La Guardia to Boston.

Ceremonies were held in New York City and Dallas Fort Worth, the other airport to be linked to the first A220 base as soon as they were launched.

Delta Air Lines has already received four copies of the A220 since the delivery of the first end of October 2018. Their online was originally scheduled for January 31, but the company’s projects were thwarted by the shutdown of the US administration , which has delayed the FAA’s inspections, tests and delivery of certain certifications necessary to pave the way for its commercial operation.

What to expect from the Airbus A220?

The Airbus A220 is a state-of-the-art aircraft, catering to the 100-to-150 seat aircraft market. The plane, which was originally designed by Bombarbier, is meant to be fuel efficient and much quieter than any other aircraft.

The plane, which entered service with Swiss in 2016, has earned praise from its operators for its exceptional fuel efficiency.

All Airbus A220s will be converted into three-class configuration (business, Premium economy and economy), 109 seats for the A220-100 and 130 seats for the larger A220-300.

The cabin of the Airbus A220 features higher overhead bins, which make it easier to stand up. The seats are also wider and boast bigger windows.

Delta Air Lines’ A220s are the latest investment in a fleet modernization program meant to replace 20% of older, less efficient aircraft by 2020. By the end of the summer, A220-100 should be deployed in Detroit, Houston, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis / St. Paul and New York JFK.