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Qatar Airways to convert its A321neo into the A321LR variant

Qatar Airways has announced it will convert 10 out of the 50 Airbus A321neos on order to the A321LR  variant. The Airbus A321neo LR has a longer range than the A321neo (“LR” stands for “Long Range”). It can fly up to 4,000 nautical miles (7,400 km) against 3,200 nautical miles (5,900 km) for the regular A321neo.

The A321neo LR, which was approved by the EASA and FAA for long range operations in October 2018, can carry 206 passengers in a two-class configuration, and 244 passengers in a single class configuration, and boasts a  3.5 tonne maximum takeoff weight increase compared to the A321neo.

Commenting on the announcement, Qatar Airway’s CEO Akbar Al Baker said:

“We have reassessed the requirements of our fleet and determined that the A321LR will bring the additional capability and range to our existing portfolio of aircraft types that we require to successfully support our global route expansion. Based on this analysis we have agreed with Airbus that we will convert 10 of our 50 A321neo on order to the longer range A321LR”

Qatar Airways expects to receive its first regular A321neo this year, and will start receiving its Airbus A321neo LR next year.